Law firm Van Cauter

Public procurement, contracting and real estate law

Law firm Van Cauter is a niche office for professional building contractors and real estate professionals. Its general manager, Tim Van Cauter, has built his experience since 2004 as an attorney at law, corporate lawyer and legal consultant in public procurement, contracting and real estate. In cooperation with accountancy firm Van Neste, professional building contractors and real estate professionals are also given tax advice and assistance.


Law firm Van Cauter sets itself the task of preventing legal disputes wherever possible. Through bespoke training, specialist guidance, legal assistance, expert advice and/or contract management, we endeavour to optimally align your company with the existing legislation (‘compliance’) and your legal risks are preventively managed (‘legal risk management’). Taking matters to court is avoided as much as possible.

The law firm has wide experience in proofreading, preparation and adaptation of contractual documents, in lending legal advice, legal counselling and legal assistance.

The legal services can be rendered in Dutch, English and French.

In order to take each aspect of your company into full consideration, the services can be provided once-only, periodically, externally or in house.

Interested? If so, please do not hesitate to request a quotation, via the contacts page.