Areas of expertise

1.Procurement law

We provide legal services regarding all aspects of public procurement legislation, ranging from market research thru’ to the final handover of a completed assignment.

Consequently, we provide not only legal services on the correct organization of a contract-awarding procedure (and how to go through each stage of it), but also regarding the execution of public procurement contracts.

2. Contract law

In this field, we mainly provide legal services regarding:

  • Setting up building sites and industrial projects;
  • The maintenance of buildings and industrial equipment and systems;
  • Damage during the execution of the project and assessment of the insurance risks;
  • Subcontracting (‘Back-to-Back’, direct right of action and privileges)
  • Liability of the architect, contractor and engineering office);
  • Confidentiality (the NDA and secrecy);

3. Property

As far as property is concerned, we mainly provide legal services relating to:

  • The buying and selling of immovable property;
  • The renting or letting of immovable property;
  • Soil remediation and planning permission;
  • Agricultural lease;
  • Real rights (building and planting rights, usufruct, long lease and servitudes);
  • Granting licences (public infrastructure works);

4. Fiscal matters

In close cooperation with accountancy firm Van Neste, we’re able—besides legal services—to also give tax advice tailored to the needs of real estate professionals and of professional building contractors.