1. Guidance and assistance

Sometimes, companies need guidance and assistance that goes beyond how to draft or adapt a contractual document or how to advise someone on a specific matter. We’re thinking here more of legal advice and assistance for a project file and this, for example, as (temporary) support to the legal department.

We have wide experience of in-house guidance and the provision of legal services, ranging from legal assistance in the context of contract management when carrying out large-scale building projects right through to arranging due diligence for the purchase or sale of a property portfolio.

2. Contract management

Preparing good contractual documents can, over time, preclude disputes, thus saving you time and money. Obviously, good contract management does not end with the once-off drafting of a contract. Depending on the specific characteristics of each transaction, project or work order, a review or fine-tuning of the contractual documents may become necessary after a while. We have substantial experience in reviewing, adapting and drafting contractual documents on procurement law, contract law and property law. Some examples of contractual documents:

  • Sale – and purchase agreements, lease agreements (residential and commercial buildings);
  • Settlement agreements;
  • Sale and purchase terms and conditions, (sub)contracting terms and conditions;
  • (sub)contracting agreements, maintenance agreements;
  • Framework agreements for the purchase of products and services;
  • Letters of intent, non-disclosure agreements,

3. Advisory services

A company that wishes to land a public procurement contract, an engineering office that follows up the execution of an infrastructure project, a contracting firm that wishes to service an industrial system (or equipment) or a private individual wishing to let some real estate,… They all face legal problems and issues, on a regular basis. If they don’t seek legal advice in good time, these problems and issues could lead to litigation, for years on end. So the watchword here is: prevention is better than cure!

We have many years’ expertise in lending tailored, pragmatic, legal advice on procurement law, contract law and property law, such as regarding:

  • The scope of the public procurement legislation;
  • Price adjustments and additional work (not included in the specifications) during the execution of building contracts;
  • Evaluating illegalities in award decisions;
  • Limitations of liability, exoneration clauses, exemption clauses and penalty clauses;
  • Compliance with soil remediation and planning permission obligations when disposing of property;

4. Handling legal disputes

Our aim is to avoid legal disputes, wherever possible. Indeed, experience shows that bringing legal proceedings usually harms your company’s commercial interests.

Unlike many other law firms, we strive for a lasting compromise instead of a protracted lawsuit. Litigation, we feel, is a last resort unless, that is, representing your interests should require otherwise.

If litigation is unavoidable or if your company receives a court summons, then you can count on us.